Banbooo grizzlysummerhoppers! Me and stina are off to Vienna tonight, hence this early SMS, as I know there is lovely basketball on Sunday at 1pm Reimersholme for the daring ones! Best J&S


Sweaty bodies

Warm up, hands in air, balls in net, bouncing thoughts, the happiness caught. Rapidly approaching grizzly Sunday. Join the team 2pm Sunday on Reimersholme for fun basket and swimming afterwards. Fingers crossed for nice weather and sweaty bodies! B


Take II

Grizzlyhoppers Swedish summer season, take II: It's summer! And the outdoor season begins! Join for bouncing thoughts and orange balls at Bernadotte gymnasium school yard (next to skrapan) 2pm today. Bring the fun and defy the weather, as we say in Sweden: det finns inga dåliga väder bara dålig kläder. Hugs. J


Mutal sounds

Hoppers, gather around tomorrow, is magic n it prevails mutual sound. Bouncy bals mega glad, join n play basket n be a pal. Tomorrow we play for freedom, future n figs. If no rain, 2pm at Bernadotte school as last week. Join join and never forget; Sun dance magic trance is kind of cool! Meow. J



Finish up your drinks! Sunday fun bay now play be soft stay! Grizzlypark tomorrow at 2pm at Bernadotte gymnasium school (same as last week) next to skrapan for battle pops. Join the force be the torch. Loves. Stina n Jens